RASCO is a leading manufacturer of professional road service and maintenance technology in Europe. Founded in 1990, the company manufactures and markets snow ploughs, salt spreaders, crane mowers and associated vehicle upgrades. As a proud family business, RASCO is committed to solving difficult challenges of road maintenance in constantly changing weather conditions.

We are well-known all over Europe for our robust product, high quality of build and very high technology, offered at superior value to our customers. Our marketing and distribution network today spans the European continent, providing road maintenance operators in 25 countries with quality-built, technologically advanced road maintenance solutions. RASCO is a market leader in some of the countries that feature most demanding weather conditions and customer requirements, such as Germany, Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Russia and numerous others.

The cornerstone of our growth always was and will always remain two key processes: focusing on our customers and developing and empowering our people.

Our relentless focus on customer service enarobot3bles us to get feedback from the end users of our products on a daily basis, a feedback which is then incorporated into our products in a continuous product improvement process. No request goes unanswered, no detail is too small. At the same time, our customers enjoy an unparallel field service and spare parts support, with 24/7 availability and the fastest response time in the industry.

By focusing on development of our people, RASCO today has a highly educated and skilled workforce, counting over 200 employees. What we are especially proud of is that almost 30% of this workforce are highly educated Bachelors and Masters of Engineering. Our highly educated experts are given the latest technology in both product development and manufacturing, including advanced product design and simulation tools in development and highly precise and fully automated robots in manufacturing. With access to such technology, RASCO offers superior value for money to you, our customers.

And using this technology, RASCO has developed a proven and time-tested range of products that are up to challenges harsh and unpredictable weather brings. Our multi-segment steel-made snow ploughs, such as the leading KALNIK snow plough, will ensure the roads remain clear and passable even in the harshest of winters. With advanced electronic controls and highly developed hydraulics enabling supreme operability in any direction, RASCO’s snow ploughs adjust perfectly to the road surface, easily handles road bumps and obstacles and is easy to operate. Our truck or tractor-based salt spreaders, equipment with unique EPOS advanced control units that enable highly flexible spreading, automatic spreading control and ease of use, will remove ice and frost from the road in a flash. And with a choice of four conveyor systems, including belt, chain, single and dual worm conveyors, RASCO’s spreaders are a fit for any type of spreading material.

For the most demanding road operators, RASCO offers its Advanced Road Management System – ARMS®, used for GPS-based road operations tracking, including the tracking of spreading, ploughing and mowing operations, as well as general vehicle tracking, work order management and extensive reporting.

We know that making a high-quality, robust product is only a part of our mission. This is why RASCO focuses strongly on supporting the customers during each step of the product lifestyle process. We are well-known for listening to our customers’ desires and requests for enhancements, but even more so we are known for our superior customer service during the useful life of the product. RASCO’s products come with a full two-year warranty and excellent post sales and service support, available 24/7. Original spare parts for all our products are guaranteed for at least 10 years after original purchase.

The synergy of unparalleled enthusiasm, experience, advanced tools, robotic precision and relentless attention to details, forms a unique spirit embedded into every machine RASCO makes.

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