Customer partnerships

We at RASCO believe each and every customer is also our partner and take great pride in each every new partner we have. The cornerstone of our success, our customer partnerships have been instrumental to our product development. Our relentless support and service throughout the lifecycle of our products focuses on ensuring reliable and continuous operation of our machines regardless of cost or obstacles. Through the partnerships with our customers, we have been and will continue develop our transport infrastructure maintenance equipment portfolio in order to truly satisfy customer needs.

The results of these partnerships are visible in our all products. For example, all our control units have been developed with huge feedback from the people that are ultimately using them – the respected and experienced operators working with our equipment. On an annual basis, we make over 300 improvements to our products. From minor details to larger redesigns, these improvements have simple goals: to save our customers money and to keep them running no matter what.

RASCO’s customer partnerships are a unique approach in our industry. Implemented directly by RASCO’s Research & Innovations department through our Customer Support department, they represent an easy way for the customer to gain access to developers and engineers in charge of their success.

Through direct customer visits by our R&D team we examine our products for durability, reliability and ease of use. On an annual basis we invite interested customers to our factories to provide us with valuable feedback on quality of build and improvements they expect.

Unique to RASCO, our customers have direct access to our senior management where they can easily provide feedback and relay their needs. With these unique tools at their disposal, our customer always rest assured their partner is standing behind them.

We hope you will join our family of partners!

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