Manufacture of excellence

Our manufacturing department has a clear goal: transform highest quality materials and components using latest technology into robust, reliable and long lasting road maintenance products.

Modern and integrated manufacturing process takes place on over 60.000 m2 on two fully incorporated locations in a single industrial zone. In five manufacturing facilities, the manufacturing process is organised in a fully integrated way enabling a perfect process flow, overseen by the most advanced IT system used for production and material flow scheduling and planning. This unique system, used by some of the largest car manufacturers provides us with the ability to always abide to our delivery deadlines, ensuring we fulfil our promise to each and every customer.

Using the latest in manufacturing technologies, including numerous robots and automated production lines, RASCO maintains a proud manufacturing machine. This machine is fully integrated, enabling us to avoid outside manufacturers in the process of building your machines. With such a process, we hold all the keys to quality of build. This powerful manufacturing machine builds thousands of road maintenance devices every year.

The key ingredients of our manufacturing process include:

  • Robotised manufacturing processes ensuring high and consistent quality of build, particularly of welds and welded constructs. Unlike others, we do not use silicone kits where a weld should be. In fact, we do not use any kind of a kit on any of our welds. Ever.
  • Carefully picked high-quality steel supplied directly by leading Western European steel mills, which is extremely resistant to the most difficult of working and weather conditions.
  • Advanced automation of metal processing ensures the highest efficiency and precision of build, guaranteeing a long life of our products.
  • Highly reliable, advanced and easy to use electronics are fully manufactured and assembled using robots and using only components certified for heaviest industrial applications.
  • Superior surface protection technology by active and passive ingredients is an industry leading anti-corrosion system. This unique system follows the strictest anti-corrosion protection standards such as ISO 12944-2 level C5M, used in only the most difficult environmental conditions such as for offshore oil and gas platforms.
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