Our History

RASCO was founded in 1990 by two enthusiastic engineers Frane Franičević and Darko Paviša, who were brave and determined enough to start this entrepreneurial venture during such hard times.

The company known today as RASCO started out as a small workshop. Motivated and fully dedicated to their goal, the owners paid no attention to many difficulties that stood in their way in the company’s first years, successfully defying all adversities standing between them and the fulfilment of their entrepreneurial dream. RASCO sprang from a small rented lathe workshop and, thanks to own capital and constant investments, became a company with a manufacturing area of 14,000 square metres and approximately two hundred employees that today exports 80% of its products and is a leading manufacturer of road maintenance machinery in Europe.


A workshop called RASCO was founded. Manufacture of specialized agricultural machinery, start of snow plough production.

Manufacturing location – a rented hall in Kalinovac

RAS 2400 spreader was built in 1994


1st hall was built (first manufacturing facilities and employees)


First RK 5000 mower from 1998


28 employees, building of the 2nd hall initiated


67 employees, further growth – 3rd and 4th halls built


New technologies introduced to manufacturing facilities – robots involved in the manufacturing process


Subsidiaries opened in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia


5th hall was built, more than 200 employees

By placing focus on manufacturing machinery and equipment designed for a very specialized and segmented market, employing university-educated and professional staff, and leaning on its own strengths, knowledge and experience, the company experienced a remarkable growth from a small workshop to a company well known for its high quality products, competitive prices and professional attitude to customers in Croatia and abroad.

Development stages:

  • For the first four years RASCO was a workshop in which each machine was manufactured upon individual orders and all work was performed in rented halls
  • The second stage was marked by the company’s transition into a small-sized enterprise, investments into building the first manufacturing halls and purchasing modern machines
  • During the third stage, the company moved into the medium-sized category, the 3rd and 4th halls were finished and equipped, and the 5th hall was built.
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