Product Warranty

RASCO provides a 24-month warranty for all our products as a standard. The warranty is available from the date of end-customer purchase and as a part of this warranty, we are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure your machine is up and running. In fact, we take the same approach wetter your machine is under warranty or not.

Our first goal is to get your RASCO road maintenance machine up and running. We don’t put you through a hassle with paperwork while your investment is not performing. Our job is to keep you up and running and this is why it is our mission to ensure your RASCO machine is back in operation within 24 hours. Using our carefully calculated European-wide stocks, we provide you with the parts you need in no time. Our highly skilled field service teams are ready to assist you with any problem around the clock.

Once your RASCO machine is back in operation, we carefully examine the circumstances which might have led to problems with our product. But we don’t do this to avoid a warranty claim. We do this in order to ensure that we discover the issue and immediately undertake every effort to avoid it in the future, on both your machine and every other machine we deliver afterwards.

Customer support excellence is our aim and this is reflected in our warranty.






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