Awards and Honours

High quality, reliability and superior functionality of our products are the key reasons why RASCO today is one of the leading transport infrastructure maintenance equipment manufacturer. Our familiar portfolio of products vital in road maintenance can be found in almost all European countries, Asia and North America.

Our strong network of business partners recognizes RASCO as a reliable brand offering high value for money and excellent customer support. Others have recognized our hard work, innovation and development.

During over 25 years of our dedication and commitment to quality and sustainability, we have received numerous awards and honours on national and regional levels. In 2012 RASCO received The Best Employer award in the category of mid-sized corporations, given based on indicators of employee motivation, productivity and work atmosphere quality. Among the most recent is the „Golden kuna“ award for innovation, given to RASCO in 2013 by the Croatian Chamber of Economy for the MUVO small universal vehicle.


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