LYNX Road Show: Koprivnica, Osijek and Zagreb

LYNX Road Show: Koprivnica, Osijek and Zagreb

LYNX's autumn tour of Croatia has ended with presentations in three continental cities

Just over a month after the official introduction of the LYNX to representatives of the Croatian media, we returned to Zagreb for a working demonstration of the vehicle. This ended the tour called the LYNX Road Show, where we wanted to show the features and benefits of the new RASCO Compact Cleaner to potential buyers.

Lynx Road Show Koprivnica

Earlier in the week, presentations were held in Koprivnica and Osijek, and the good response and reactions of guests from the utility sector suggest that there is a real need for such a vehicle on the market. In addition to the impressive cleaning performance and advanced technology built into the LYNX, a number of positive comments have been made about its striking visual design that bounces off the conventional image of the cleaner as a vehicle of necessarily unsightly and utilitarian appearance.

Lynx sweeper in Koprivnica

With the upcoming completion of the first commercial vehicle series and ongoing work on the development of additional functionalities, you can expect more exciting news about LYNX in the near future!

Find more details about the LYNX compact cleaner on the vehicle’s official website.


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