10th Annual RASCO Group Distributor Meeting

10th Annual RASCO Group Distributor Meeting

2020 is a big year for RASCO: we started with the 10th Annual Distributors Meeting, continue with exhibition at IFAT, and are looking forward to celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company

10th Annual Distributors Meeting was held in Zagreb, where we reviewed our joint achievements in the previous year and presented plans for 2020.

In 2019, almost 90% of the revenue came from the sales of RASCO products in export markets. This impressive figure is mostly due to our excellent business collaboration with distributors of our products worldwide.

In addition to excellent business and sales results in the markets where we operate, RASCO also introduced two new distributors at this year’s meeting: WS Tech and Armaksa, who will work on the sales, distributions and promotions of RASCO products in Denmark and Turkey.

One of the main topics throughout 2019 was our new premium product LYNX compact sweeper, specifically designed for the urban zone maintenance. Alongside with new knowledges about LYNX, our distributors got an overview of changes to the RASCO products we implemented during 2019 and the changes that are ahead of us in 2020.

After marking the distributors’ meeting, we are preparing for the IFAT fair and the grand celebration of RASCO’s 30th birthday. With major fairs and anniversary to come in 2020 and excellent collaboration with our international distributor family, we are confident in great results in the business year ahead of us.


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