A team with zero tolerance for errors

A team with zero tolerance for errors

The most complex machines are tested for several days, and their archive contains almost a million photos of delivered Rasco products: meet our quality control team

Not one machine leaves the Rasco factory premises without going through their hands: the quality control team spends most of the working day checking the technical and operational functionality of products. All parts manufactured in Rasco, as well as entire machines, go through a series of outdoor and indoor tests that simulate real working conditions.

Danijel, Miroslav, Damir, Saša, Ivan, Tihomir, Krunoslav and Toni make sure that every Rasco machine is safe to use and reliable before it goes to the customer.

Rasco quality control team

What a hot sand spreader cHECK looks like

There is a large difference between testing a small, 1.6 metres wide snow plow and a complex hot sand spreader specially designed for the Norwegian market.

Quality control depends entirely on the machine. It is not the same to check a single-segment snow plow, that has three cylinders and an outline lights installation, or a hot sand spreader that has built-in sensors in water tanks, electric heaters that monitor water temperature and sensors that monitor the position of its exit chute. We need to test each part before the machine leaves the factory premises. In addition, all machines go through our standard internal checking procedures. If we find any irregularity, we return the device to production for modifications and refinements, explains Toni Galinec, head of quality control.

Simulation of real working conditions

The quality control process consists of a pressure test, electricity test, standard parameters check for each machine, and of photographing all parts. A key part of the control is the simulation of work in real conditions. Systems for simulating a hydraulic and electrical system of a truck come in handy here.

Quality control of Liquid spreader with 28.000 L capacity

The quality control process begins in locksmith and machining departments, when the device is still a collection of parts. Tihomir and Krunoslav make sure that each part is technically correct and within set tolerances. If there are any deviations, they return them to the production process for the necessary modifications.

After product assembly is complete, Danijel, Miroslav, Damir, Saša or Ivan take over. They control the machine according to all parameters and make sure that at the end of the control it is fully functional in accordance with customer expectations.

Archive of almost one million photos of Rasco machines

In regards of time, quality control can last from a couple of hours up to a couple of days.

We need a couple of hours for simpler machines. For complex ones, such as combined spreaders, quality control can last even several days, says Toni.

Danijel photographs each device in detail so we have a photo record of its condition before it leaves the Rasco factory. Thanks to him, the archive of delivered machines now containts almost a million photographs, and the number grows with each new shipment.

Danijel Pavlović photographs a spreader before it’s shipped

Besides working in the quality control team, Miroslav often participates in presenting Rasco machines to customers in the field. His quality control experience is valuable because he gets to know the device and almost immediately learns about all the novelties and changes in production.

From the beginning of production to quality control, we pay great attention to the efficiency, operational functionality and safety of the device. The quality control team is the last link in production, and at the same time the beginning of the product life cycle. After their confirmation, the device is ready to travel to the end customer and work in one of Rasco’s 40 markets.


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