An overview of the third brush system for LYNX

An overview of the third brush system for LYNX

A worthwhile upgrade for any user looking to get the most out of their sweeper

One of the most requested upgrades for the LYNX compact sweeper, the third brush system, is now available for orders. This optional system can be installed when the sweeper is initially being assembled, or alternatively can be added onto the vehicle later provided that the sweeper is configured with the required hydraulic preparations. This also means the third brush system can easily be demounted and stored at any time when its use is not required.

The third brush system can be used in several ways: to increase the maximum sweeping width, to sweep both the road and the sidewalk in a single pass, or to dislodge stubborn weeds and dried up mud in front of the standard two brushes. The multifunctionality of the system is achieved by the possible choice of different types of brushes ranging from a soft plastic brush to the weed brush, which consists of hard woven metal cables.

The controls for the third brush are extremely simple and intuitive. With a simple button press the two joystick on the handrest are reassigned from their normal function of controlling the 2-brush system to controlling the third brush and vice-versa. The left joystick adjusts the third brushes horizontal and vertical position. The brushes range of motion allows it to work on both sides of the sweeper. The right joystick controls the hydraulic tilting function for the third brush, an optional feature.

LYNX’s software system automatically detects when the third brush system is connected or disconnected and accordingly adjusts the information shown on the overhead LCD display, as well as all other necessary settings.

A lot of attention during the design phase was directed towards the usability and longevity of the third brush system. The physical construction is simple but robust and includes minimal wear parts. The system is compact but does not interfere with the kinematics of the standard two brushes. The third brush is quickly secured in transport position using a single pin.

With its multiple uses and excellent working results, the third brush system is an ideal upgrade for the LYNX power user. Watch the video below to see how it performs in real-life conditions:


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