Another successful transformation: Skip lorry turned winter service vehicle

Another successful transformation: Skip lorry turned winter service vehicle

Normally used for transporting municipal waste, this skip lorry will be ready to fight snow and ice on city roads whenever necessary

Even though somewhat unconventional, a skip lorry equipped for winter service can be an effective combination as this case shows. The MAN TGM 13.250 two-axle chassis has been fitted with the necessary hydraulics, skip lift system and mounting plate for a front implement. When winter service operations are called for, the truck can be quickly repurposed from its regular garbage hauling duties and converted into a winter service truck within minutes.

Considering it is most likely to work in urban environments, a MOSOR PK or KALNIK front plough would me the most suitable choices for snow clearing. The spreader is a special SOLID variant marked SOLID K, with attachment points on the sides of the hopper enabling mounting and dismounting using the skip lift. A set of tensioned chains holds the spreader firmly in place on the skip lift platform.

The spreader uses an auger material conveyor in the shown example, with a belt conveyor available as an alternative. The hopper capacity is 4m3 and a smaller 3m3 version is available as well. As with other spreaders from the SOLID product line, a wide range of customization options allows us to provide a machine that perfectly matches the user’s needs.

For many municipal maintenance and construction firms which include skip lorries in their vehicle fleets, it is worth considering the option of equipping such vehicles for winter service and thus maximising the value of their investment.


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