Charitable donation made to Therapeutic Riding Association „Smile“

Charitable donation made to Therapeutic Riding Association „Smile“

Therapeutic Riding Association „Smile“, located in Peteranec near the city of Koprivnica, has started a project of therapy horse riding for persons with mental and physical disabilities earlier this year.

At the moment they work with 10 persons. Because the community functions on a voluntarily base, their funding relies on donations and public tenders. Considering the fact that they currently have one therapy horse, those in need for this kind of therapy have to wait very long for it.

„Unfortunately, a lot of children with mental disabilities and persons with physical disabilities are on the waiting list for receiving this kind of therapy. The number of our users and the number of therapies they are going to get completely depends on donations and tenders,“ said the president of the Community Valentina Kavur.

In addition to acquiring a therapy horse, community has built a horse mounting ramp at the end of October. Without the mounting ramp persons with physical disabilities wouldn’t be able to mount a therapy horse. Construction and building of the mounting ramp was completely funded by a donation from RASCO.

„Thanks to your support and understanding of our needs, we began to conduct therapies a few months after the community started working. With the completion of the mounting ramp, children and everyone else in need began to receive horseback riding therapy,“ said Mrs. Kavur.

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