Clearing snow, spreading with salt and mowing on hard-to-reach terrain

Clearing snow, spreading with salt and mowing on hard-to-reach terrain

The municipality of Marija Gorica, located on the hills near the capital city of Zagreb, is a small settlement of around 2500 residents which procured a tractor and summer and winter road maintenance equipment for the first time in its history

According to municipality head Marica Jančić, they hold up to a standard otherwise reserved for larger municipalities and cities: they have a municipal building, post office, clinic, pharmacy, school, sports hall, restaurant, library, and museum. Also, contrary to trends common in Croatia, the birth rate in Marija Gorica has been increasing for the last 10 years. Due to the growing population and number of visitors, they established that they need their own service for year-round road maintenance.

Marija Gorica lies on hills and roads, many of which are in hard-to-reach terrain, so they opted for a tractor combination of winter equipment: variable snow plough and tractor salt spreader. The machines are ideal for winter service in these areas because they are smaller in size and can reach hard-to-reach roads, which will now be more accessible to residents of the municipality when there is snow.
Mowing and maintenance of grass surfaces along the roads will be done using the side-mounted crane mower which has a reach of up to five meters.

We wish many safe and successful working hours to the maintenance service of Marija Gorica, and roads that are always clean to its residents and visitors.

RASCO delivered the tractor and the equipment to the municipality of Marija Gorica following the public procurement procedure. Read more here.

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