Cooperation with The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

Cooperation with The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

Safety of everyone located in the Croatian territory is as a priority of The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. CMRS takes care of safety of Croatian and foreign citizens in Croatia for more than 65 years. Their work is entirely volunteer based. Safety is also one of the main characteristics built in all products and business processes in RASCO company

Apart from safety, active participation in projects that are important for our local community are one of the vital parts of RASCO‘s business processes. Being so, we were glad to use our resources to help in restoration of Land Rover Defender donated to The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service station in Koprivnica. RASCO’s expert employees completely restored the vehicle’s bodywork, fixed the undercarriage and gave it a protective coating, restored the electrical system and added a towing hook.

Volunteers working in the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service in Koprivnica will use the Land Rover Defender primarily for search and rescue in Koprivnica-Križevci county. CMRS station in Koprivnica was established in July of 2016, and it currently has 14 members. Like every other CMRS station in Croatia, they depend on donations of neccessary financial and material assets to continue working safely. RASCO will continue to support the work of CMRS Koprivnica.


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