Introducing Lynx Charge – Electric street sweeper by RASCO

Introducing Lynx Charge – Electric street sweeper by RASCO

RASCO company actively contributes to efforts in building a more sustainable and less polluted world. Meet our first fully electric vehicle - LYNX Charge electric street sweeper

With LYNX, we showed that street sweeper’s key functions can go hand in hand with a great design. After two years of extremely positive reactions from industry professionals who have had the chance to try our first sweeper, a new sustainable chapter begins in the LYNX story. On October 13th, 2021 we introduced to the public LYNX Charge, a 100% electric street sweeper made by RASCO company.

why go electric

The urgent need to move beyond fossil fuel-powered machinery needs no further discussion. Electrically powered vehicles provide one in a suite of viable technologies that need to be widely adopted to meet this goal. Largest obstacle in the street sweeper industry has been ensuring sufficient working autonomy for cleaning the whole shift, without the need to stop for recharging.

LYNX Charge overcomes this challenge in two ways: first, it packs one of the biggest batteries in its class. The integration of the battery has been achieved without impeding any other vehicle characteristics such as manoeuvrability or hopper capacity. Secondly, LYNX Charge uses every available watt of power with maximum efficiency.

how we did it

The ideal parameters for an electrically powered working vehicle did not come over night. LYNX Charge has been put through a series of testing for ~1000 working hours. Everything from base functions such as turning the vehicle on and off, to finely tuned sweeping parameters, was verified to the last detail.

As a result, LYNX Charge represents more than a perfect sum of its parts. It embodies what we at RASCO believe in – great technology for efficient, comfortable, and safe work build on a durable platform.

Technical characteristics

LYNX Charge draws its power from an impressive 72,5 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack, supporting an operating time of up to 8 hours. Operators are provided with a sense of ease knowing they can comfortably complete their working shift without the need for recharging. The 22-kW onboard charger fills the battery from 0 to 100% in 4 hours, so this electric street sweeper can be rapidly redeployed for action.

The main electric motor outputs up to 55 kW of continuous power to the drive system. The drive inverter that controls it can operate in either torque or speed control mode, depending on whether the machine is sweeping or in transport. The new electric drive system is not only cleaner and more efficient than that of a diesel-powered, but also quieter and requires less maintenance.

Two other electric motors, each controlled by their own inverter, distribute power throughout the sweeper. The suction fan is driven by a 11,5 kW-motor, giving it ample power to handle even the most demanding workloads. Brush and suction mouth control, as well as lifting and lowering the hopper are driven by an energy-saving load sensing hydraulic system, which is in turn powered by the third, 18,5 kW motor.

powerful at work, simple to use

All other well-known characteristics from the diesel predecessor stayed the same. 2,0 m3 hopper, 230 L of freshwater and 170 L recirculation tank capacity. 2800 mm cleaning width with two brushes, 3200 with three brushes and cleaning with a very powerful suction fan with more than 9000 m3/h capacity. Manual suction hose and built-in high-pressure washer are available with Charge as well, making it a smart self-sufficient machine. LYNX Charge electric street sweeper cleans at 12km/h max, and the transport speed goes up to 50 km/h.

User accessibility and comfort are one of the top in class. Top-to-floor glass cabin enables the brushes to be always in sight. Full size seats for the user and the passenger are equipped with air suspension. Street sweepers often work during sunny days. Long roof protects the user from direct sunlight, and the cabin is air conditioned.

As far as the sweeper controls go, they are grouped to be easily accessible and intuitive. Controls for all the functions related to steering and driving are placed on the steering column that minimally obstructs the front cab view. The most used controls related to sweeping are embedded into the hand rest on the driver’s side door. Secondary sweeping controls are placed on the driver side cab pillar. Other vehicle controls are placed on the overhead console accompanied by the 7’’ colour touchscreen.

Charged by LYNX

All-electric sweepers in municipal maintenance contribute to limiting greenshouse gas emissions globally. Locally, they ensure less air pollution and much less noise produced by sweeper operation.

We are very happy to be a part of joined efforts in building a more sustainable environment. Every member of society can make a difference, and today that is much more than a byword. With an electric street sweeper such as LYNX Charge, municipalities worldwide enter a new era in positive everyday changes. Join them!

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