Hard terrain winter maintenance featuring Unimog

Hard terrain winter maintenance featuring Unimog

Our long-time business partners at Ceste Karlovac entrusted us with the task of equipping their new Unimog with a suitable spreader

As an official “UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz” we were more than happy to take on the job and produce a spreader from our SOLID XF product line, which is designed specifically for Unimog vehicles.

The customer’s Unimog 318 is well suited for all-year road maintenance operations. Some of its key specifications include a 177 HP Euro 6 engine, 13.7 m turning cycle, 325 mm ground clearance, and 11 tons maximum permissible gross weight. Its balanced axle load distribution, all-wheel drive and excellent visibility from the cabin in all directions are especially useful characteristics for navigating the roads which curve, rise and drop along the hills of Croatia’s Karlovac county.

One of the many advantages of the SOLID XF spreader is its low-profile design, which keeps the vehicle’s center of gravity low, ensuring its stability. Also, the low-profile design makes it possible for the operator to see through the rear window.

SOLID XF built on the Unimog has 2.8 m³ dry agent capacity and 1120 L liquid agent capacity. This gives the vehicle sufficient autonomy to cover its designated routes, making hard to access terrains passable for other vehicles, before needing to refill the spreader’s hopper and tanks.

To round off this equipment delivery, we spent a few hours with the Unimog operator in everyday working conditions. The vehicle usually works on hilly terrains intersected by four rivers that flow around the city of Karlovac. Most of the time, this winter service Unimog maintains areas that are out of reach for large winter service trucks: „The roads we maintain are most of the time narrower than the vehicle itself. Winter service trucks can’t reach there. That’s when the Unimog fits the job perfectly,” explained the vehicle operator.


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