Investing in the future: RASCO scholarships

Investing in the future: RASCO scholarships

One of the many benefits that RASCO offers current and future employees is a scholarship throughout the university education

For many years, RASCO has been taking special care of education and development, starting with vocational high schools and universities. Dozens of students have passed through your scholarship system so far, most of whom still work for the company today. Scholarships are given to new students each year, while we currently provide scholarships to seven of them studying in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Over the years, we have supported the education of numerous experts in technical sciences and in related fields such as mechatronics, chemical engineering, design, and multimedia.

One of our scholarship holders is Ivan Patačko, who started his professional career almost 8 years ago. Then, after a summer internship at the company, the management soon recognized his potential and desire for knowledge and offered him a permanent job in the marketing department, where he still works today.

Ivan Patačko, our scholar who is also our employee for the last 8 years

In 2018, Ivan had the opportunity for a master’s degree, which he accepted and recently graduated as a master engineer of multimedia and graphic technology. Ivan is also the first graduate from the first generation of the multimedia graduate study, and we are extremely proud to have helped him continue his higher education and professional development.

After successfully completing my undergraduate studies, I aspired to apply knowledge and gain work experience, which was provided by a scholarship at RASCO. For the next six years, I use the areas of multimedia and design in everyday challenges where we have shaped the foundation of the company’s visual identity in communication and market engagement. Thanks to the stimulating work environment in acquiring new knowledge, I decided to take the opportunity provided by the newly opened graduate study of Multimedia at the University of the North in Croatia. I am extremely proud of the success that would not have been possible without the support of the company’s management and my family.

RASCO scholars have access to internal projects and the vast knowledge of the many mentors permanently employed by the company, throughout their university education. They write seminar papers, come to the company for a professional internship or do projects under the supervision of a mentor.

Besides the motivation to learn and develop skills, scholarships are a security mechanism both for students and their families. After completing their university education, our scholars have a secure job at RASCO waiting for them. Our working conditions, from salary, opportunities for personal development, to company culture and atmosphere, high technology and digitalized production are at a very high level and allow each employee to fulfil their own potential.

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