LYNX joins the My Inner Strenx program by SSAB steel

LYNX joins the My Inner Strenx program by SSAB steel

LYNX compact sweeper by RASCO takes advantage of Strenx high-performance steel made by Swedish steel producer SSAB

For a vehicle just over 4 metres long and 1,3 metres wide, the LYNX hides a stunningly complex and compact set of mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic subsystems under its outer shell. They all work together seamlessly to help the user clean the streets of urban areas in all sorts of conditions. Carrying up to 400 litres in its water tanks and up to 2 cubic metres of trash, the LYNX needs a strong, lightweight, and compact backbone as it goes about its daily tasks. That is why only top-notch materials are used in production of the sweeper, with its chassis completely made from Strenx 700 high-performance steel by SSAB.

RASCO makes no compromise when it comes to quality, durability, reliability, and safety – all the products are made the same way, completely in-house from the idea to final product, in our headquarters in Kalinovac, Croatia.

The company started as a small workshop in 1990 and had only two employees, both of whom are the only owners today. Fast forward 30 years, RASCO solutions maintain the streets in over 40 countries on 5 continents, from Canada do China. From spreaders, snow ploughs and snow brushes, through boom mowers, street washing and sweeping implements, to compact sweepers: RASCO developed a solution for every need, from maintenance of highways and motorways, urban areas, and municipalities to airports.

We celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary earlier this year. Out of that time, we have been using SSAB steel in manufacturing a large part of our product portfolio for over 15 years. When we had to decide which steel to use for our newest premium product – the LYNX compact sweeper – Strenx was our first choice, said Ivan Franičević, CEO of RASCO.

LYNX compact sweeper, introduced in 2019, is one of the latest additions to the product portfolio and the company’s premium product. Its cleaning efficiency, manoeuvrability, ease of use, comfort for the operator, working autonomy and functional design have already been recognised as top in class among users. Every material and component in LYNX are carefully chosen, and Strenx 700 is no exception.

Since entering the market, LYNX has been recognised as a star among compact sweepers. We are very confident that it will soon be seen in many cities across the globe, said Mario Štefanec, CCO of RASCO, and concluded: It is important to emphasize that quality suppliers like SSAB and Strenx play a very important role in the final quality of our products. Our further cooperation in this area is unquestionable.

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