Measures RASCO is taking related to the COVID-19 situation

Measures RASCO is taking related to the COVID-19 situation

We are witnessing events that are changing the world we live in at an incredible speed. The things and freedoms we have been taking for granted are becoming a luxury. The way we do business is changing and adapting to the new state of the world.

At the RASCO Group level, the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic has been closely monitored from the outset. We are adapting our business daily to the new situation, keeping in mind the safety of our employees, customers and business partners.

We have reduced social contact in the company premises to the absolute necessary minimum. All employees who can carry out their business tasks from home, are doing so. Employees with tasks related to the plant premises have been provided with a safe working environment by following the instructions of the authorities. As if the virus pandemic was not enough, yesterday’s earthquake that hit Zagreb and its surroundings hardest was also felt in our area. Fortunately, the ongoing tremors have not caused any consequences for our employees or production facilities.

Despite difficulties in the supply chain, travel bans and social contact minimization, RASCO continues to provide services to its customers to the extent appropriate to the current situation. At the same time, we are taking and will take measures to protect all jobs so that, after the normalization of the situation in which the entire world currently finds itself, we will be in a position to continue operating smoothly in the shortest possible time.

Take care of yourself and those closest to you. Feel free to stay in touch with us via social networks, email or phone. None of your queries will remain unanswered. Stay healthy and safe.

Your RASCO team.

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