New in RASCO production: automated 180-metre-long surface protection line

New in RASCO production: automated 180-metre-long surface protection line

Plows, spreaders, mowers and sweepers working in the northernmost parts of Norway or in the summer heat of the Mediterranean need maximum protection. That is why their metal parts go through shot blasting and receive multiple coats of paint which guarantee durability at both -30 and +40 ° C

Up until now, product painting and shot blasting had taken place in four surface protection and two shot blasting chambers in Rasco. Hundreds of thousands of machine parts, hoppers and housings passed through them over the years. With the new, state-of-the-art surface protection line, most of the shot blasting and painting jobs are now happening in one place, which simplifies and speeds up the production process.

180-metre line for painting, shot blasting and transport

The new machine, installed at the end of 2020, represents one of the most advanced surface protection technologies in this part of Europe. It consists of a 180-metre-long product transport line, painting chambers and an automatic shot blasting chamber. It is 15 meters wide and 5.5 meters high.

The line is intended for surface protection of product parts, such as plow wing segments, crane mower arm parts, spreader parts, LYNX, sweepers, etc.

Although the surface protection process is now mostly automated, a part of the work is still done manually, due to the different parts of the machines that need to be protected.

State-of-the-art technology for larger production capacities

The surface protection line was mounted and installed by companies from the Netherlands and Italy (Eurotherm S.p.A, COGEIM and Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV) and Rasco employees, and it has been in operation for three months. The biggest advantage of the new technology is the increase of surface protection capacity while maintaining quality. Those will have the impact on production speed and new products quantity.

Along with a new surface protection line, Rasco recently completed a three year investment cycle in new buildings, production processes, employee educations and hiring new employees.


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