Parents of the first-graders get paid leave on the first day of school

Parents of the first-graders get paid leave on the first day of school

RASCO employees and parents of first-graders get a day off on the first day of school

The first day of school is a big moment in the life of every new student and their parent. We want them to be remembered for a lifetime. Therefore, all our employees and parents of first graders are entitled to paid leave on the first day of school, on Monday, September 7th.

Day off on the first day of school made both parents and children happy, because they will spend this important day with their parents and go to school with joy.

In addition to paid leave to parents of first-graders, RASCO has been cooperating with vocational high schools in Đurđevac, Koprivnica, Bjelovar and Virovitica for many years. This year, our professional high school practice program is attended by 40 students. We are also proud of our scholarship holders. Currently, seven of them are going through the RASCO scholarship program, and our employee Ivan recently revealed to us what the RASCO scholarship program looks like.

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