RASCO brine mixers and storage tanks delivered to Magyar Közút

RASCO brine mixers and storage tanks delivered to Magyar Közút

RASCO solutions were chosen one more time as the best option for the professional road maintenance operations. Magyar Közút, the largest road maintenance company in Hungary, chose RASCO as the supplier of the brine mixers and storage tanks.

RASCO’s spreaders, snow ploughs and mowers that already maintain Hungarian roads during winter and summer will now be accompanied by the brine mixers and brine storage tanks installed throughout the Hungary. Delivered machines were customized and designed according to the specific requests, making sure they fit perfectly the customer’s specific needs.

This single largest delivery of the brine preparation and storage facilities will prepare Magyar Közút for both pre wet spreading and liquid spraying during the winter season and will help keeping Hungarian roads safe for traffic.

Please contact us for more details about the RASCO product portfolio and let us help you find the solution that fits the best to your winter and summer road maintenance needs.

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