RASCO in colours

RASCO in colours

Matching the colour of the maintenance machine with the vehicle, and vice versa, is not new in the world of road maintenance

Spreaders, snow plows, crane mowers, even entire vehicles are more often seen in the full range of colours, not just orange which is a well-known standard in most states. Users of maintenance equipment want high work efficiency of their machines and vehicles, and also want them to match in colours.

Northern aesthetics

Matching the colour of the machine with the colour of the vehicle is most common in Scandinavia and Finland. When we talk about our equipment that works in the North, users are looking for the best solution, in line with the latest trends in the market. All of this aligned with the colour of their truck.

Some of the most attractive vehicle upgrades coloured by customer demand have been done in Norway. One of them is SOLID 9 m3 spreader in metallic grey, to match the Volvo truck it is mounted on. The other spreader is also from the SOLID family, painted black, so that it complements the black Scania truck.

One of the latest big projects was a 9 m3 spreader in vibrant red colour, packed in a fantastic white and red winter maintenance combination, which Mr. Kristoffer Tetlie told us everything about.

Bright colours in the summer

Not only winter service operators like to match their machines with the vehicles, summer maintenance professionals do it too. Machine colour upgrade is most common among John Deere owners. Even our Facebook audience thinks that the green and yellow BRK side-mounted crane mower is a best fit for green and yellow tractor. And that was the exact colour combination applied to BRK mower by customer demand.

Alongside bright and attractive colours of crane mowers, there are situations where the colour of the vehicle matches with the colour of the maintenance machine. We have recently delivered an interesting combination: a BRK crane mower upgraded to an orange John Deere, a colour we do not see often on this brand of tractor.

Whether it is street and snow cleaning, spreading, or mowing: you can rely on RASCO machines to get the job done safely and effectively. And when it comes to final aesthetics and colour matching, our buyers have the final say. We will always do our best to fulfill every request.

Check out one small part of attractive colour combinations on RASCO machines in our gallery!


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