RASCO service team trains Magyar Közút drivers to operate new spreaders

RASCO service team trains Magyar Közút drivers to operate new spreaders

Over the past several years, Republic of Hungary has made significant investments into building and maintaining their traffic infrastructure. At the end of October we visited the recently renovated road maintenance base in Szombathely where the RASCO service team held an education and user training session. The education was held as part of a delivery of 47 spreaders to Hungarian road maintenance company Magyar Közút.

Of two types of delivered SOLID X spreaders, those with 1.7m³ capacity will be mounted on Unimog vehicles, while 5m³ spreaders will be used on larger two-axle trucks.

Education and user training were held for a total of 90 employees and drivers in cities of Pécs-felső, Nyíregyháza, Nyékládháza, Polgár, Békéscsaba, Solt, Monor, Kisbér and Szombathely.

User training consisted of spreader preparation, demonstration of spreader maintenance and control unit usage. All of the spreaders are equipped with an EPOS 20 control unit, with advanced spreading parameters and automated spreading system. Once the spreading route is memorized and spreading parameters are set, the control unit can replicate them with the assistance of GPS positioning and without the need for user intervention. This means that the driver can stay focused on the road, while the precision and quality of spreading remain consistent.

Over the past couple of years, RASCO has developed excellent business relations with Magyar Közút, which now uses RASCO’s professional road maintenance equipment during the entire year. In 2013, RASCO delivered 75 snow ploughs to Magyar Közút, and in 2014 80 SPECTRA crane mowers.

With this year’s delivery of 47 spreaders, RASCO strenghtened its position of leading provider of professional road maintenance equipment in Hungary.


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