What we’re showing at IFAT 2018

What we’re showing at IFAT 2018

For us at RASCO, the biennial IFAT exhibition in Munich has become the ideal place to present major additions to our product portfolio. This year is no exception. Not only are we showing several machines that are part of an upcoming sweeping overhaul of our winter maintenance and grass mowing ranges, but we're also revealing an exciting new type of machine targeted for a market segment in which, up until now, RASCO has had limited presence.

Here are some highlights of what can be seen at our stand this week:

The centrepiece of our stand at this IFAT is without a doubt the LYNX compact sweeper. RASCO is no stranger to sweeping machines, as our SX2 and SX1200 sweeper upgrades testify. But LYNX is the first self-propelled sweeper we’ve made, and we are extremely excited to introduce it to the public.

The sleek and aggressive exterior design conceals a whole suite of clever technical solutions which make LYNX stand out from the competition. The internals are top notch: An 83 horsepower Euro 6 diesel engine, hydrostatic drive, LS hydraulic system and 9000 m3/h capacity suction fan ensure top performance. The chassis has been designed with high carrying capacity and resilience in mind. This has allowed us to integrate extra-large water and fuel tanks giving the sweeper excellent working autonomy. The hydro-pneumatic suspension system and custom-built axles with 15″ wheels provide a smooth ride and, very importantly, high ground clearance that lets LYNX overcome obstacles other compact sweepers struggle with. The maximum sweeping width of the standard two-brush system is 2800 mm, with an optional third brush extending this to 3200 mm.

Sweeper operators will surely be very interested in seeing how we’ve designed the cockpit because this is their primary workplace. And this is exactly why we paid a huge amount of attention to every aspect of cockpit design. The floor-to-roof panoramic windshield, glass doors and floor hatch give the user a complete and unobstructed view of the environment and both brushes while working in a comfortable, leaned-back position. At the same time, the forward slanted cabin design and long, thermally insulated roof prevent the sun from shining directly inside during the critical summer months. Complementing this is the automatic climate control system with integrated air filtration and recirculation functions, all insuring maximum user comfort.

LYNX’s user interface has been designed with special care taken to control layout, giving the user maximum flexibility and minimising complexity at the same time. The controls are grouped to be easily accessible and intuitive to use. Controls for all the functions related to steering and driving are placed on the steering column that minimally obstructs the front cab view. The most used controls related to sweeping are embedded into the hand rest on the driver’s side door. Secondary sweeping controls are placed on the driver side cab pillar. Other vehicle controls, typically used less often, are placed on the overhead console accompanied by the 7’’ color touchscreen.

Shown at the exhibition is a fully functional prototype. The first production series is expected to be completed in a couple of months.

Our “flagship” SOLID line of spreaders is one of those that have undergone a total redesign. The main benefits for our customers will stem from the wide array of configuration options, extreme spreading precision and minimal servicing requirements resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. The model we are showing at our stand is configured as a combined spreader capable of dry, pre-wet or full liquid spreading. It also features our innovative closed bottom chain transport system designed to overcome several issues that occur with a conventional chain transporter, typically employed when using heavy and moist spreading materials. We are planning to start delivering the new generation of SOLID spreaders in advance of the next winter season.

The new SPECTRA mower is another example of a total product overhaul. It is now more robust and easier to use, resulting in enhanced real-world performance. Rear mounted mowers with forward reaching crane arms have been gaining in popularity among road maintenance contractors owing to their ease of installing on a tractor and great working tool visibility. It therefore made sense to make this type of mower the first among our future line-up to be ready for market. Other rear- and mid-mounted models will follow shortly, with most planned to become available to customers at the beginning of 2019.

Worthy of special mention are the newly designed control systems which will be available with this and all future RASCO crane mowers. Designated as SelectMotion and TotalMotion, they offer an improved user experience, advanced safety features and greatly expand the capabilities of monitoring the working status of the mower. We believe they will allow users to achieve large gains in efficiency while at the same time making full working shifts more comfortable due to greater ergonomics.

If you’re interested in the latest news on the LYNX sweeper or other RASCO products, be sure to subscribe to the RASCO newsletter, or follow RASCO’s social media profiles. IFAT is open for visitors from May 14th through 18th. If you are in Munich for the exhibition, we would be delighted to receive you at our stand in hall C6!


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