Winter Road Show: RASCO and UniVoit

Winter Road Show: RASCO and UniVoit

In the midst of the beautiful nature of the Fichtel mountain range in Bavaria, before 100 employees of local utility services, RASCO and UniVoit presented and exhibited part of the RASCO product program on vehicles

Everyone could find the perfect combination of RASCO equipment for their needs. BILO and VERTUS mounted on Multihog vehicles as the perfect example of a combination for maintaining the narrow streets and urban areas. The range continued with MOSOR PK snow plough, mounted on John Deere tractor, displaying an example of quieter urban roads maintenance. This equipment package was rounded up with TRP tractor spreader. KALNIK snow plough, with its robust construction, is intended for urban, as well as wide roads maintenance.

The ideal combination for the hard-to-reach terrains consists of 3-metre wide VERTUS snow plough and a SOLID XF spreader mounted on Unimog 300. Variable VERTUS wing geometry allows snow clearance on various tpes of terrrains, while SOLID XF, designed for Unimog vehicles, provides even more security for the operater and the vehicle, with a better view from all sides of the cabin.

Visitors found heavy winter maintenance configuration most interesting: VELEBIT snow plough with 3.6 metre width and polyurethane protection, rounded up with SOLID spreader with 5 m³ capacity mounted on MAN truck.  The combination will be used to maintain heavy terrain of the Fichtel mountain range in Upper Bavaria, where the robustness and strength of the plough is of utmost importance, as well as the large hopper volume and reliability of the spreader.

Summer equipment program was represented with SPECTRA rear crane mower, a professional mowing tool for all types of terrain, and up to 7-metre crane arm reach.

As one of the largest markets, Germany has always been of the utmost importance to RASCO, and visitors left the event with new knowledges and valuable information about RASCO and UniVoit.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the event, you can find all information about RASCO products at your nearest distributor in Germany, or contact us directly.


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