Novelties in RASCO product range presented to road maintenance contractors

Novelties in RASCO product range presented to road maintenance contractors

This year's Open Days at RASCO company were held under the slogan "The future of road maintenance"

Mid-September has traditionally been reserved for our esteemed partners from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. This year we welcomed them at a specialized event “The Future of Road Maintenance”.

On Wednesday, 18 September, roughly 100 distinguished guests from road maintenance contractors in the region arrived at our factory. During the day, we introduced them with all the novelties in our product range. After the introductory speech by Board President Ivan Franičević, Marketing Manager Tomislav Paviša made a detailed review of all the improvements on our products with an emphasis on snow ploughs and spreaders.

One of the main novelties in our product range is the robust and powerful VITER snow plough that we have been testing all over Europe during the past winter season. VITER is now available for orders.

On Wednesday, we also presented the new generation of the BRK side-mounted crane mower with improved construction, which significantly increases the resistance of the machine and facilitates its mounting on tractors. The excellent performance of the side-mounted mower was retained.

The event was also an opportunity to present the mowing devices of the German manufacturer Mulag for the first time. We are their exclusive distributor for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania.

Check out our photo gallery to see what went on at the Future of Road Maintenance.


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