Snow brush designed for mounting between truck axles

The MKK intermediate shaft brush for trucks is intended for thorough cleaning of public traffic surfaces. It is specially designed for clearing snow remaining in uneven parts of roads after the passage of snow ploughs, but can alternatively be used as an independent device for clearing snow when there are smaller amounts of fresh and dry snow on the road.

For maximum efficiency when clearing snow from uneven surfaces, the MKK brush is used with a front snow plough. By clearing leftover snow after the passage of snow ploughs, the amount of salt required for subsequent spreading is reduced, thus reducing operative costs and protecting the environment and traffic infrastructure.

Main characteristics


Cleaning width of the MKK brush is from 450 mm to 550 mm, depending on the chosen options.


The MKK brush is designed for mounting between truck axles.


Intended for thorough cleaning of open roads as well as public traffic surfaces.



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