Quality Management

Quality Management

Cornerstone of our quality is the ISO 9001:2015 standard and the 14001:2015 standard, for Environmental conservation Management System.

High and consistent quality of products and services is rooted in our careful implementation of leading process management standards and norms. RASCO is certified according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System for over 10 years. In parallel to ISO standards, RASCO pays a great deal of attention to ensuring speed and responsiveness to customer requirements, while ensuring continuous improvements of our products and our customer services and support.

At the heart of our quality lies our Quality Policy, governing the way we act towards our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees and the local community.

Quality Policy

By implementing this Quality Policy RASCO shall secure high customer and partner satisfaction through reliability and sustainability of its products and services; employee satisfaction through emphasizing their role and importance in business operations; shareholder satisfaction through growth and successful business practices; and the wider community through employee health and safety and environmental sustainability. Employees and shareholders of RASCO shall stand united in efforts of continuous improvements with a single goal of fulfilling customers, business partners’ and local community’s expectations.

Quality Management shall be in accordance to EN ISO 9001:2015

RASCO’s Quality Management System shall adhere and surpass the requirements of ISO 9001 standards in all processes governing strategic and operational aspects of business management. Our processes shall be directed by our unique Quality Manual and shall be focused on fulfilling demands of our customers. Our aim shall always be to exceed the quality of products and services offered by our competitors in every way. As quality is the fibre that weaves every aspect of our business, all our stakeholders must embrace our quality policies through a consistent application of approved and proven procedures. RASCO’s Quality Management System is implemented by all its employees, making it our continuous reasonability in every action and task we undertake on a daily basis.

Environmental conservation management system

Along with Quality Management System, and with the aim of improving our business in all aspects, we have introduced an Environmental conservation Management System.
The system is based on the requirements of international ISO 14001:2015 standard. It includes setting goals related to the environment conservation, monitoring of goals achievements and continuous system improvements.

Quality and environmental control

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of our processes and our daily work is our common duty. Such focus is the only way of maintain and enhancing the quality of our products and services securing our position in our demanding markets. With our Quality Management System we shall further implement and ensure strict adherence to all laws and regulations governing our business, as well as health and safety of our employees and the environment beyond the requirements of our regulatory surroundings.


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