RASCO spreaders and Mählers snow ploughs – a winning combination for the Norwegian and Swedish roads

RASCO spreaders and Mählers snow ploughs – a winning combination for the Norwegian and Swedish roads

After eight years of presence in Norway and three years of presence in Sweden, RASCO is taking a next step in route to market approach for the Norwegian and Swedish markets. As of February 2018 RASCO signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Sweden and Norway with Mählers, well known Swedish manufacturer of snow ploughs.

Mählers is highly specialized manufacturer of front and side ploughs for trucks and road graders. Company was founded back in 1895, and for more than 120 years they have been working on developing innovative products for traffic infrastructure maintenance. Today Mählers snow ploughs are the first choice for most of the road maintenance companies in Norway and Sweden, making Mählers the market leader in this segment.

RASCO is one of the leading European manufacturers of professional equipment for road infrastructure maintenance. RASCO’s market coverage spans from Canada to China, encompassing entire Europe. SOLID and LIQUID families of RASCO’s truck mounted spreaders are maintaining Scandinavian roads for a number of years, with SOLID C as the most popular model preferred by most Scandinavian customers.

Product portfolio of the two companies complements perfectly. Mählers front and side ploughs made according to the Scandinavian standards and RASCO’s spreaders proven in harsh and demanding Nordic conditions make a perfect match. Hence, Mählers as an exclusive distributor of RASCO’s products in Norway and Sweden will be able to offer full winter maintenance solution to its customers.

Roar Wehn, Head of Sales in Mählers, is assured in reliability of RASCO products: “We already knew some of the RASCO’s products from earlier, and we have no doubt about their quality. After some interviews with customers that use RASCO’s products today and with key people in RASCO we were convinced that this was something we wanted to complete our product range with. Mählers is the Nordic region’s largest manufacturer of winter maintenance equipment for trucks, but in the last years, we got more and more questions about products we do not have in our own range. The agreement with RASCO means that we now are a complete one stop shop supplier for winter and summer maintenance.”

RASCO’s philosophy is all-year round road infrastructure maintenance. Besides aforementioned spreaders, RASCO’s product portfolio consists of various types of snow ploughs, crane mowers, brushes, and road washers that will be available through the Mählers’s distribution network.

Ivan Franičević, CEO of RASCO, emphasized the importance of the signed agreement: “RASCO started 28 years ago as a small company with only two employees. Today, we are proud to say that our knowledge, experience, and effort led us to distribution partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of snow ploughs in the Nordic region. With presence in over 30 markets all over the globe, RASCO knows that selecting the right distributor is a key to the market success. We are confident that our partnership with Mählers will deliver customer value that will be recognized as the best in class.”

You can find out more about RASCO and Mählers products by visiting www.rasco.eu and www.mahlers.se, or by contacting your Mählers sales manager directly.

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