The first female CNC operator in RASCO

RASCO's professional practice for trade high school students has a tradition over 20 years. Year by year, generations of students came out of our production facilities. Under the supervision of professional mentors, they have gained specific knowledges required for work in their professions. First student arrived to RASCO for professional practice back in 1995. Until today, the number of students attending practice has increased. This year there are 41.

Large number of students from local high schools, specializing for CNC operators, machinists, welders or lacquerers, gained their first expert knowledge in RASCO production facilities. After completing their education and professional practice, a lot of them decided to return and employ in RASCO.

Technical professions do not know the differences between the sexes, which is proved within our employees. In 2017, for the first time in the company history, female colleague Lana Đipalo started with professional student practice for CNC machine operator. Lana is a trade high school student, specializing in CNC operator. This is her first out of three-year professional practice to be held in RASCO.

We photographed her in her work station, at the CNC machine. Lana stressed out that her experience in RASCO has by far exceeded her expectations, and that we were her first choice in choosing the company for professional practice.

It is a great honour and pleasure that after 22 years of work with students, we are still their first choice. Employees are the foundation of our further growth and development, and new young workers inspire us to become better every day and work even more on developing new business processes.


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