Customer support

Customer support

Along with a high-quality product, every RASCO solution also offers quick and reliable after-sales support

A knowledgeable and mobile service team, guaranteed spare parts and consumables, and the always available advisory support from our service agents guarantee that your RASCO machines will work perfectly when you need them most. The fastest way to contact us is through telephone number +385 48 883 112 or e-mail For all orders of spare parts and consumables we are available through e-mail

The consulting team with many years of experience is available for any inquiries related to devices, the service team resolves device malfunctions, while spare part warehouses guarantee a minimised time from the occurrence of malfunctions to the return of device functionality.

Constant focus on customer and partner support for the duration of product lifespan is the key to RASCO’s success. This is why resolving malfunctions is followed by a detailed investigation of causes in order to take corrective measures and avoid any future occurrence of such malfunctions. Information gathered from customers is used to improve products and the manufacturing process.

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