Build your future with us

Behind each of our successes is a strong, knowledgeable, and creative team of 400+ employees. RASCO vehicles and machines are nowadays used in the year-round road maintenance in over 40 countries.

Who are we?

Thanks to our employees, who play a key role in the development of the company, RASCO is today one of the leading manufacturers of professional equipment for the maintenance of traffic infrastructure in Europe.



We use state-of-the-art in every day work.


Prototypes are tested heavily in real-world conditions.

User feedback

User feedback provides a valuable source of ideas for product improvements and innovations.

Close cooperation

Close cooperation with national academic institutions has developed in the process of undertaking complex new projects.


We believe that the world can become a better place and are passionate about innovation that contributes to industrial growth. In addition to manufacturing sophisticated products, we are one of the engines of development in north-west Croatia and have managed to become one of the market leaders in over 30 years of existence.


The safety and well-being of our employees, transparency in business, protection of the environment and support for the local and wider community are fundamental principles in our daily work. Responsibility also includes producing high quality products that exceed industry standards and customer expectations.


Our employees are the most important link in achieving the quality of our work, which is why we are very committed to their personal development and dedication. A satisfied employee helps to build a successful team and foster an inclusive corporate culture that encourages the exchange of ideas, opinions and information.


We are an example of how great high-tech innovations can also be created in a smaller environment if all the necessary resources are available for their realisation. By investing in employees and growing the company organically, we have become the largest vehicle manufacturer in Croatia.

Explore our benefits


In addition to fostering mentoring relationships and continuous professional development, employees are given the opportunity to acquire new skills, knowledge and competences through training courses, seminars and workshops. We encourage and strengthen team spirit through team-building activities, and employees can also join a running team or a team of recreational mountaineers.


In addition to regular income, we also offer other financial benefits, such as compensation for a meal, compensation for transport costs, gifts for children, anniversary bonuses, Christmas and Easter bonuses.


We organise our employees' working hours according to models that offer them flexibility in planning and organising their working and leisure time. And there are signs of appreciation, such as a day off on the first day of school for the parents of primary school students in year one.


In the RASCO facilities you can follow the entire production process in one place. Design, development, production and testing - we do it all in our own facility, and RASCO scholarship holders have exclusive access!

For more than 20 years, we have been awarding scholarships to students who have the opportunity to work with high technology and digitalised production. Under the supervision of our mentors, experienced engineers, the scholarship holders work on the latest projects. After completing their training, our young experts have a secure job and become part of the large RASCO team. Previous experience is desirable, but not essential for employment. Above all, we expect students to be motivated, persistent and willing to learn.

Structured guidance through internships and access to more experienced colleagues enables students to acquire a much broader knowledge in a short time and to progress to a higher professional position commensurate with the results achieved.


For example, you want to become a top engineer or try out another area of ​​production or business organization and get an impression of what it's like in the real world, try yourself out in practise? No problem! Our professional internships give students the opportunity to work on projects that our experts are also working on, and each student is assigned a mentor for the entire internship period, who is happy to answer any questions the young colleagues may have.


RASCO accepts around 60 scholarship holders from regional educational institutions for vocational training (apprenticeship) every year. Our mentors are licenced craftsmen who work with modern tools and machines, but also pass on their experience and guide our young colleagues, the students of the vocational schools, so that they can become good young craftsmen with confidence and self-assurance through their training.