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Crane mowers

RASCO product program of professional crane mowers includes mowers for all types of tractors, multi-purpose and small utility vehicles. The construction of hydraulic crane arms is adjusted to different reach lengths, and the working tools and attachments are adjusted to the type of vegetation and the function they are performing.

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RASCO’s range of professional spreaders includes spreaders for all types of vehicles, ranging from trucks and multi-purpose vehicles to tractors, working machines and small utility vehicles. Spreaders are divided into two groups – solid agent spreaders and spreaders for liquid spreading.

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Snow ploughs

RASCO’s range of professional snow ploughs includes ploughs for all types of vehicles, ranging from trucks and multi-purpose vehicles to tractors, construction machines and small utility vehicles. The construction of ploughs is adjusted to different kinds of surfaces to be cleared and to the height of snow.

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LYNX is a compact sweeper that exceeds all expectations. Its aggressive and modern design combines advanced aesthetics and functionality. Its strength is incomparable. Its comfort and ease of use are designed to meet the needs of users. LYNX is a solution to the challenges of the 21st century.

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Multifunctional by design, small in dimensions, equipped with a strong engine, hydrostatic drive and a uniquely designed chassis, the MUVO offers a small turning radius, a large useful payload and built-in technical solutions that make MUVO a great alternative to the numerous specialized vehicles.

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