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Welcome to the RASCO Academy and get all the necessary knowledge for a successful business with RASCO products. Thanks to a reliable distribution network, RASCO has become one of the leading manufacturers of professional municipal road maintenance equipment in Europe. Key factor of this success is reducing the total cost of ownership through an integrated production process and fast and reliable after-sales support.

For after-sales support to function properly, it is essential that all RASCO distributors are able to respond to all customer needs and enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. To this end, RASCO has developed training programs that provide all the necessary knowledge for the efficient and successful use of RASCO products.


  • Three types of training¬† programs

RASCO Academy offers three types of training programs: sales training, user training and service training. They provide preparation and support for working with RASCO products and practical knowledge based on realistic examples. Sales trainings provide the basics of sales communication, ways to best configure the device / vehicle, how to present RASCO products with the help of work presentations and sales and promotional material. As part of user training, one learns how to operate devices/vehicles, how to maintain them, what accessories and functions are available. Service education provides, through practical trainings, all the necessary knowledge about the technical characteristics of the product, spare parts, service materials that are available for use.

  • Experienced trainers

Through education, the participants are led by experienced trainers who are at their disposal at any time, for all questions. The trainers also invest great effort in constantly improving programs and finding new ways to achieve higher level of user experience and satisfaction.

  • Personalized trainings

Each training is completely adapted according to participants needs. All participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the products, the way of operating and all important aspects for achieving top business results.

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