Meet us

RASCO is one of the leading manufacturers of professional equipment for the maintenance of traffic infrastructure in Europe.

Who are we?

RASCO is a manufacturer of equipment for the maintenance of traffic infrastructures based in Kalinovac.

The private ownership is equally shared by two Croatian owners, Frane Franičević and Darko Paviša. After almost three decades, in 2019, the owners stopped being involved in the company management. The management board of the company today consists of the CEO Ivan Franičević, COO Ružica Petričec Fabijanec and CCO Mario Štefanec.

Today, RASCO is a large metal producer and a high-tech development company that develops, produces and sells its own products in over 40 countries in the world. RASCO group employs 400+ people, and around 80% of the total revenue is earned by export.


Craft workshop "ZZR RAS" opened

Two enthusiastic engineers, associates and friends, Frane Franičević and Darko Paviša, founded the ZZR RAS craft workshop in 1990. A small, adapted space of only 60m² was used for performing machining services, machine tool repairs and agricultural mechanization.



The first product was produced – salt spreader RAS 2400.



Construcion of first production hall started. RASCO employs 16 workers.



By expanding the product range and increasing product quality, RASCO began with the export of its products in 2000.



Production of halls 3 and 4 started. The company has 68 employees.



New technologies are introduced in production - robots perform a part of the production process.



Subsidiaries are opened in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia.



Hall 5 is built. More than 200 employees work at RASCO.



The small multifunctional vehicle MUVO was presented, which combines a compact cleaner, a winter maintenance vehicle, a mower, an irrigation machine, a lifting platform and much more.
The MUVO has an important place in the company's history, as it has played a key role in positioning the company among the leading manufacturers of professional road maintenance vehicles in Europe.



In September 2014, the RASCO-TAMP factory was opened. With the production of the RASCO communal equipment program, the Senti factory continues with the 60-year tradition of manufacturing TAMP industrial valves.



The LYNX compact sweeper, the most modern solution for cleaning and maintaining the urban environment, has been launched. Thanks to its compact dimensions, autonomous operation, manoeuvrability, efficiency, comfort and unique technical solutions, the LYNX is one of the best compact sweepers on the market.



RASCO celebrated 30th business anniversary on June 1st 2020.


LYNX Charge

Lynx Charge, the first Croatian compact electric sweeper, is the culmination of the company's 30 years of work. This sophisticated urban vehicle, which was unveiled in October 2021, was developed by RASCO in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. In the same year, a new production facility with state-of-the-art machinery and a new building for the R&Dteam and management were built.



Today, RASCO is a successful company with 400+ employees, with 80+ products in its portfolio and a presence in 40+ markets worldwide.
2024 marks another milestone in the company's history with the market launch of the LYNX H2 5000 hydrogen-powered sweeper. This important innovation symbolises the company's vision of continuing to develop solutions for sustainable cities.

sustainability & esg

How we care about the environment & our community

Reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, initiatives to increase the efficiency of production and services, transparency and accountability - this is the way we do business.

Our sustainable business approach is based on three areas: responsibility to the environment, to the community - the local one in which we produce and those where we export, and in the responsible management of the company.

Our top priorities

Environmental protection

Our commitment to combating global warming is evident in our focus on continuous electrification in product development, such as the electric version of the Lynx compact sweeper, and the integration of a solar power plant in production to meet our electricity needs sustainably.

Responsibility to communities

Our commitment to community responsibility is underscored by the efficient design of our machines, all independently certified to high emission standards, and our substantial investments in local communities, having contributed over a quarter million Euros in the past decade towards education, sports, and cultural programs for students at various levels.

Responsible corporate governance

Alongside rigorous risk management, we prioritize employee satisfaction and development. Our scholarship program, spanning over two decades and with an investment of 650,000 Euros, supports top students in Croatian universities, contributing to the creation of a new generation of experts and managers.

Electrification as a driver of change

Our product development in recent years, in all areas where it is technologically possible, has focused on electrification, but also on increasing the efficiency of machinery we produce.

New and useful technologies, such as 5G, IoT, machine connectivity, remote control and autonomous driving, are part of our research and production portfolio today.

Our awards

We are proud recipients of a number of awards at the national and regional level, and we are the only company in Croatia to be awarded the Golden Kuna award in the Innovation category twice – first time for the MUVO small universal vehicle, and second time for the LYNX compact sweeper.

From Canada to China, there is almost no country or company involved in maintaining roads that does not use RASCO equipment. Our partner family across Europe and the world has recognized the high value for money and superior support and service that RASCO provides to its customers. Our national and local communities have also recognized our efforts, our innovations, and our development.

During the 30 years of our commitment to the quality & sustainability of corporate development, we have received a number of awards at national and regional levels. We are particularly proud of these awards. Based on the criteria of motivation, productivity, and quality of the work atmosphere in the company, the regional website awarded RASCO the Best Employer Award in the category of medium-sized enterprises in 2012.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has twice awarded us the prestigious Golden Kuna award in the Innovation category. We first received the award in 2013 for the MUVO small universal vehicle, and the second time in 2019, when our LYNX compact cleaner snatched the Best Innovation in Croatia award.

In 2021, Ružica Petričec Fabijanec, RASCO Board Member for Finance and Business Operations, was named CFO of the Year by the consulting and auditing company Deloitte. It is an initiative that promotes the importance of transparent corporate governance and is one of the ways to improve overall economic results, promote the investment climate and thus strengthen the economy.