RASCO mowers maintain 4000 kilometers of waterways in Croatian region Slavonija

RASCO mowers maintain 4000 kilometers of waterways in Croatian region Slavonija

The „Sokol“ company from the city of Vinkovci continues its yearly long cooperation with RASCO. In March, RASCO delivered two crane mowers MAXIMA 10000 mounted on John Deere tractors.

RASCO’s experts completely adapted the tractors for large and heavy crane mowers, and mounted them on tractors. MAXIMA 10000 have 10 meter crane arm reach designed for high banks and deep canals mowing.

During the delivery, we had a chance to speak with the company owner Mr. Miroslav Šaravanja, and head of the sales and acquisition Mr. Domagoj Šaravanja. They described the beginning of our cooperation, discovered how RASCO’s machines helped them to improve their work, and in which fields of work they use our machines.

How did you find out about RASCO?
We knew about RASCO from your winter maintenance program, but we did not know that you also produce crane mowers. Then we saw your crane mowers working around the city of Slavonski Brod. After that we asked ourselves can they be used in the waterway business? The rest is history.

Why did you choose RASCO’s crane mowers?
Our goal was to purchase the best product there is, but for reasonable price. After we bought the first tractor, we decided to buy and mount your crane mowers on it. They have proved to be very high quality equipment. We think we made a good business deal, and because of that we decided to continue our cooperation with you. The fact in which we are almost certain is that not many people in Croatia has crane mowers like these MAXIMA 10000. Also, they are mounted on John Deere tractors, which are some of the best in the market.

When we do our concept of work and development, we buy certain products exclusively form certain manufacturers. And as for crane mowers, we will continue to purchase them from RASCO, because their high quality matches the price.

Which of our crane mowers do you have and are you satisfied with their work?
We own two BRKT 8000, a SPECTRA 7000 and now two new MAXIMA 10000 crane mowers. We are very satisfied with their performance. Until now there have not been any glitches in their work. The crane mowers are maintained and serviced on a regular basis and our professional drivers take care of them when working. BRKT and SPECTRA are mowing for the third year in a row without any major problems.

Which kind of terrain do you usually maintain and what is most important during the maintenance?
Usually we maintain very demanding terrains, full of soft mud and dirt. On soil like that, the stability of the tractor and crane mowers is of the utmost importance.

Do you find any barriers when maintaing the waterways? If so, which kind?
Yes, we do. There are situations when there are logs, old cars, car parts, wires in the waterways. There are many kinds of waste. Considering this, we sometimes have stoppages and interruptions, but we handle them within one day. „Sokol“ has good mechanisation and service workers, so every breakdown is handled within a day or two. As it is everywhere, we also have the rule that a machine has to work all the time. As soon it shows a malfunction, it is fixed on the field. If that is not possible, the machine is transported to our service workshop and fixed there. There is no postponing for the next day.

Which terrain do you maintain?
Within the area of our region we maintain 100% of the waterways, which comprises around 4000 kilometeres – the biggest waterway area in Croatia.

The cooperation between RASCO and „Sokol“ has marked a beginning of the summer road maintenance. You can find out everything about our summer maintenance program here, or you can contact us directly here.


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