Time for spring cleaning: Sweeping leftover grit and sand from the roads

Time for spring cleaning: Sweeping leftover grit and sand from the roads

With winter season coming to an end, road maintenance contractors are beginning to clean the roads from leftover grit, gravel, sand and debris.

Road maintenance contractors are already cleaning the remains from winter service spreaders. By every spring there are heaps of grit, gravel and sand on the roads that need to be swept off.

Safer and uninterrupted traffic is the main reason why remaining spreading materials needs to be removed from all traffic infrastructures. The best possible way to do so is to sweep it off. The LYNX sweeper already took to that task in Gothenburg, Sweden where the video below was made.


Why LYNX? It is thorough, reliable, can go over obstacles, and climb up roads with a slope of up to 30%. It works long hours because its hopper packs 2m3 of gravel and dirt, while water tanks hold up to 400 L of water. And it is compact, so cars and other vehicles can easily overtake it.

Work does not end here. When post-winter cleaning is done, you can put LYNX to use throughout the entire year for clearing leaves, dirt, gravel, debris, bottles, and similar waste. It is ideal for virtually any part of urban area maintenance: streets, squares, pedestrians, bike paths, or any other narrow space.

Want to know more about LYNX? Check out lynx.rasco.hr/en or contact us directly here.

Road brush – the second route

MKN brush

There’s more than one way to get rid of grit. An alternative to a compact sweeper is a brush implement mounted on a tractor or other type of working machine. The MKN brush is a great choice because it can pick up the swept grit in its optional hopper. The gathered material is deposited in heaps to be picked up at a later point. For more information on this device, visit the MKN front brush product page.


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