System for monitoring working hours of people and machines in real time.

Key benefits

ARMS is an information and communication system for control, central monitoring, reporting and optimization of activities related to the maintenance of traffic infrastructure. Monitoring of working hours of people and machines as well as of the used resources (such as the used spreading salt, vehicle fuel etc.) in real time creates a unique possibility to quickly decide on potential saving methods.

Unchangeable logs protect the user from liability by providing clear information on any taken action, while the reduced consumption of spreading material at the same time protects traffic infrastructure and its surroundings.

Key benefits

Information on the use of a vehicle in real time

The system gathers information on device and vehicle usage in real time using the GPRS data mobile approach, standard in almost all countries of the world.

Easy access to the application

The information collection application is cloud-based and maintained by RASCO experts, which reduces operative costs and the need for system maintenance by users. The user can approach the system through a simple web interface from any computer.

Integration with other information systems

ARMS can be integrated in a larger intelligent transportation system (ITS) or connected to smaller systems such as RWIS (Road Weather Information System).

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