Side-mounted crane mower with 7-meter crane arm reach

BRK is a robust and strong side-mounted crane mower designed for demanding mowing work. Due to the high quality steel from which the mower crane arms are made and the reach of 7 metres, it is extremely efficient in maintaining the banks of watercourses and ditches, as well as for the vegetation by the side of open roads.

Safe mowing with the BRK mower at higher speeds is aided by safety hydraulic elements that prevent breaks and damage to the mower when the working tool encounters obstacles, as well as by systems for relief and mower operating head floating position.


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Main characteristics

Crane arm control

The control system consists of a control unit and an ergonomically shaped joystick which enables safe and efficient work, as well as complete comfort for the operator even during continuous operation in several shifts.

Select Motion

Selective proportional control enables simple control of the mower crane arm and the attached working tool on more demanding terrains. The control is performed through the use of a joystick, which controls the operating head and the movement of individual cylinders of mower crane arms.

Total Motion

Full proportional control is intended for controlling mowers on difficult terrains, full of obstacles, requiring continuous manoeuvring of crane arms. Control with the use of a joystick enables quick changes of the crane arm position through the movement of several cylinders with one joystick movement, thus enabling work efficiency and user comfort.

Working tools and attachments


HYDRA is a combined operating head for mowing and fragmenting vegetation thick up to 50 mm. The mowing head housing is made from a special steel resistant to impacts during mowing, which significantly extends the lifespan of the device.

Efficient operation of the HYDRA mowing head is enabled by the design of its key parts. The spiral distribution of blades reduces energy losses, and an increased aperture on the rear end of the head enables high outflow of material, and accordingly, a higher mowing speed.

Adjustable front and rear apertures regulate the outflow of mowed material, and the in-built rubber and chain protectors offer protection from an uncontrolled discharge of the mowed material.


TORNADO mowing heads are the ideal choice for the maintenance of smaller vegetation. They are constructed with the option of choosing between two types of blades for cutting vegetation of different thickness, and they raise the grass before cutting, which increases mowing efficiency. Option of blades spiral distribution allows cutting grass with variable direction of rotation and energy saving.

Specially designed back head aperture enables a quicker discharge of mowed material, and accordingly a higher mowing speed. Mowing in populated areas requires a high degree of safety during use and minimising an uncontrolled discharge of mowed material. That is why the front head side is equipped with protection rubber and chains, and a protective rubber curtain is placed on the rear end.



SRG branch cutters are a reliable attachment for crane mowers that is indispensable in the maintenance of treetops and removal of young trees. Cutter blades are made from high-quality tool steel that ensures a long device lifespan. Proven hydraulic components installed in the cutter hydraulic system ensure their long-term operation even in the most difficult conditions.

Cutters are operated using the controls of mower crane arms, and the safety elements installed in the crane mower prevent the damage of cutters and the excessive load on crane arms when obstacles are encountered. SRG offers best results when it is installed on RASCO crane mowers, but it can also be installed on mowers by other manufacturers.



The BM brush is intended for removing grass, weeds, and remaining spreading agents by road curbs and flanks. High efficiency of the BM brush during work is ensured by an integrated mechanism for overcoming obstacles, which prevents crane arm load and simultaneously protects the entire device. Cleaning control is simple due to the advanced control unit for operating the mower on which the BM brush is installed.



The ditch cleaner KAN is an excellent choice for cleaning and profiling ditches by the side of roads. A high capacity of the hydraulic motor enables fast cleaning and continuous operation without interruptions. A range of elements guarantees safe and reliable operation of the KAN ditch cleaner even in the most difficult conditions.

The depth of cleaning is regulated by a sliding protector, while the installed dirt deflector directs the thrown dirt without endangering immediate surroundings of the working tool. The ditch cleaner knives ensure a uniform ditch profile, and the high-capacity hydraulic motor secures fast cleaning and profiling of ditches.



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