Snow plough for motorway snow removal

The lateral snow plough BSP is intended for fast and efficient removal of snow from motorways. A vehicle with a built in front and side plough accomplishes a larger total width of clearing snow, which increases the efficiency during each passage. The plough is mounted on the right side of the vehicle by attachment to the side mounting plate. The attachment and the plough are designed in such a way to transfer load when clearing snow to the vehicle chassis without the risk of damage and deformation.

For maximum efficiency of clearing snow on motorways, BSP should be used in combination with the front KALNIK XL plough in an echelon ploughing configuration.

Main characteristics


Enables the attachment of snow ploughs on vehicles using different types of mounting plates for trucks.


Snow ploughs can be powered by an installed electro-hydraulic power unit (EHAG) or hydraulics of the vehicle on which it is mounted. EHAG is a simple solution for mounting ploughs on vehicles without hydraulic installations, while RASCO hydraulics are a simple and reliable solution for controlling snow ploughs.


Within its product range, RASCO offers a wide range of upgrades for different types of vehicles in the form of front and side mounting plates, hydraulic systems and electrical installation upgrades.


BSP can be equipped with double scrapers (steel + rubber or steel + polyurethane), steel or rubber scrapers.



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