Front sweeping brush for maintaining asphalt surfaces throughout the year

Frontal MKM sweeping brush is used for maintaining roads, paths, parking lots and other asphalt and concrete surfaces throughout the year. It is available in three sizes (1600 – 2000 mm), enables fast and simple clearing of snow in winter, and efficiently removes soil, leaves, debris and other types of dirt during the rest of the year.

To minimize raising of dust during sweeping, the MKM brush can be equipped with a water pump and a nozzle system. Water supply for nozzles must be provided via an additional water tank on the drive vehicle. The brush is designed for mounting on small multifunctional vehicles such as MUVO and small tractors.

Main characteristics


Cleaning width of the MKM brush is from 1600 mm to 2000 mm, depending on the chosen option.


MKM brush is intended for mounting on small implement carriers such as MUVO and small tractors.



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