Versatile upgrade for a wide range of applications

The SX2 compact sweeper is a multi-purpose upgrade with various front attachments, that can be adapted to almost every surface cleaning need in urban areas. SX2 is an upgrade with a waste tank and two independently movable brushes with maximum cleaning width of up to 2.4 m. For maximum cleaning efficiency, the system can be upgraded with a third brush that increases the cleaning width up to 2.6 m. The front brushes can be replaced by a washer or a crane mower. In that case, the waste container is converted into a clean water tank or a mowed grass tank.

2,0 m3 waste tank volume, 300 L freshwater tank, water recirculation system and a 4-star EUnited PM certificate built into the sweeper guarantee flawlessly clean streets and squares.

SX1600 sweeper

Ideal for narrow city centres

The SX1600 is an efficient cleaning attachment intended for mounting on small multifunctional municipal vehicles. The sweeper is equipped with a special electric valve control on the suction mouth, so it can thoroughly clean fine sand, but also larger piles of leaves and paper from the streets, depending on needs.

The combination of the SX1600 and a small multifunctional vehicle, 1,6 m³ tank volume, 280 L freshwater tank, water recirculation system and EUnited PM certification guarantee flawlessly clean streets and squares.

SX1200 sweeper

Cleaning in very narrow spaces

The SX1200 is a simple and compact cleaning attachment specifically developed for articulated vehicles used in maintenance. The sweeper combines excellent cleaning results with the compactness and multifunctionality of articulated vehicle. Perfect cleaning of corners and very narrow spaces is guaranteed by individual brush control combined with the control capabilities of the carrying vehicle.

1,2 m³ waste tank capacity, 220 L freshwater tank, water recirculation system and EUnited PM certification guarantee clean city streets and squares.

Key benefits

SX sweepers are a special type of upgrades intended for mounting on small multifunctional municipal vehicles. They are used for cleaning dust, pebbles, leaves and similar small debris from streets, squares, passages, parking lots, park edges and similar areas in cities.

SX sweepers come in versions with cleaning widths from 2 to 2.5 meters. Waste containers can be 1,2, 1,6 or 2,0 m3 capacity, depending on the model and user preferences.

Key benefits

Cleaning efficiency

The SX series sweepers are specially designed to take full advantage of all the available features of multifunctional vehicles, turning them into efficient city maintenance machines all year round. They can remove fine sand, gravel, leaves, minor debris from the city streets easy and quick. The cleaning quality of SX cleaners is confirmed by EUnited PM certificates PM 2.5 and PM 10.

Compact dimensions

The SX2, SX1600 and SX1200 can easily access city centres, pedestrian zones, parks, and bike paths. This makes them ideal for cleaning narrow and tight spaces that cannot be accessed by large municipal trucks.

In all conditions

If your area of cleaning are city streets, squares, pedestrian and bicycle zones, passages in parks or car parks, SX sweepers are the solution for all your needs. High efficiency, large cleaning width, large volume of waste containers and clean water tanks guarantee efficient cleaning in all conditions.

Sweeper control

Simple control with maximum cleaning efficiency

The sweepers are operated by a control unit located in the vehicle cabin. It controls raising and lowering of the brushes, cleaning width and cleaning intensity. The vehicle operator can easily switch from operation with brushes to driving mode and vice versa.

High pressure washer

For washing inaccessible surfaces

All sweepers can be additionally equipped with a hand washer that uses high-pressure water as a cleaning agent. The hand washer quickly and easily cleans corners and similar inaccessible parts of the streets.

Manual suction hose


The always-ready manual suction hose mounted on the hopper and a carefully designed suction turbine make the SX a cleaning powerhouse.

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