Front road brush for various vehicle types

The MKN brush is an excellent choice for cleaning roads before and during repair works and applying asphalt layers, or as a simple device for the maintenance of urban areas. Posebno je pogodna za čišćenje zaostalog posipala nakon zimskog perioda.

The MKN brush is a flexible device with a wide range of use, from open roads to narrow city streets. Intended for mounting on different types of vehicles, this device is an excellent choice for a simple removal of dirt from road surfaces. With an in-built water tank, waste container and spraying system, the MKN brush is an exceptional road cleaning device.

Main characteristics


Cleaning width of the MKN brush is 2100 mm, while the total width of the device is 2380 mm.


MKN brush is mounted on the front vehicle side.


The MKN brush can be powered via mechanical or hydraulic drive.



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