Front washer for municipal surfaces

The PL front washer is a device designed for washing municipal public surfaces using high-pressure water. It consists of a front ramp with nozzles, as well as optional controllable lateral „frog“ nozzles and a vertical ramp with nozzles.

Highly efficient washing is achieved by the position of nozzles on the front ramp, which enables jets of adjacent nozzles to overlap. Controllable lateral „frog“ nozzles enable washing of less accessible surfaces, such as spaces beneath parked vehicles, while the vertical side ramp enables the cleaning of guardrails situated along the edge of the road. The manual high-pressure washer and the 25 m long hose provide easy access to even the most inaccessible parts of surfaces to be cleaned.

Main characteristics


Cleaning width with PL front washer is from 3065 mm to 3225 mm, depending on the chosen options.


The PL front washer can be powered via hydraulic drive.



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