About us

About us

RASCO is today present in over 40 markets on 5 continents. In modern facilities, a fully integrated production process takes place, starting with the raw metal and ending with the finished product

From a small garage workshop to a modern company

RASCO started operations in 1990 as a workshop for servicing agricultural machinery. The company’s focus soon shifted to servicing the equipment of road maintenance companies that felt a lack of high-quality after-sales support on the domestic market.

In the mid-1990s, RASCO started the production of its own machinery and gradually increased its share on the domestic market. Production capacities and the number of employees were increased in several stages, and the product line grew at the same time.

The company first established a foothold in the markets of Southeast Europe and, soon after, the markets of countries within the European Union as well. Owing to the gradual development of increasingly advanced machinery and the building of a reliable distribution network, RASCO has become one of the leading manufacturers of road maintenance equipment in Europe.

all-Year-round road maintenance machines and technologies

Today, RASCO machines maintain roads year-round in over 40 countries across 5 continents.

The complete product line consists of machines, superstructures, and sophisticated software solutions for winter and summer maintenance of all types of traffic infrastructure, from motorways, expressways, and urban areas to forest paths and watercourses. Customers are provided with a complete solution for all vehicles used for maintenance, whether these are trucks, multi-purpose vehicles, or tractors, in one place and from one supplier.

One of our business milestones is the MUVO small universal vehicle, whose production began in 2012. Today, MUVO performs maintenance in more than 20 Croatian cities and dozens of cities worldwide, including Brisbane, Munich, Paris, Bergen, Budapest, and Prague.

Following our success with MUVO, in 2019 we introduced LYNX, Croatia’s first compact sweeper designed for maintenance in the urban zones.

RASCO has implemented integrated product development, production, and testing processes at two production sites: Kalinovac, Croatia and Senta, Serbia. The synergy of product development, production, and monitoring throughout its entire lifespan is a guarantee of the quality of every RASCO product that leaves our production facilities, as confirmed by our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates.

The lowest total cost of ownership 

Buying a RASCO product is a safe investment. Proven durability, safety, efficiency, and simplicity guarantee the lowest cost of ownership on the market.

The cost of ownership includes all product costs: the cost of the machine, the cost of service and spare parts, and the possible cost of lost revenue due to unforeseen downtime. The cost of ownership is the sum of these costs minus the residual value of the device at the end of its lifespan. The main goal of our business process is to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Key factors in reducing the total cost of ownership are an integrated manufacturing process as well as quick and reliable after-sales support. Our build quality is reflected in the durability, safety, efficiency, and simplicity of the RASCO machines. With superior after-sales support and a fifteen-year spare parts availability guarantee, the lowest total cost of ownership of RASCO machines is guaranteed.

30 years of strong vision, innovation, and continuous investment have resulted in consistent and steady growth. Today, RASCO is one of the leading manufacturers of professional equipment for the maintenance of traffic infrastructure in Europe. Outstanding business results, an excellent and motivated team, and modern production capacities put the wind in our sails, and now we have even greater ambitions for the future. We are confident that we will continue in the same direction, so stay with us during the next 30 years.

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