Safely through the winter conditions

Reliable and quality built spreaders ensure safer conditions on the roads during winter conditions.


Cleaning through the snowfall

Deep snow or packed ice is no match for RASCO’s snow clearing and equipment.


Upgrades for all types of vehicles

Truck, tractor, Unimog, light commercial vehicle or small multifunctional vehicle – RASCO offers upgrades for all types of vehicles


Vegetation under control

From small green park grass to dense waterway edges vegetation, RASCO has an answer for every mowing challenge.


We have equipment for every task. Find what you need.

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RASCO’s range of professional spreaders includes spreaders for all types of vehicles, ranging from trucks and multi-purpose vehicles to tractors, working machines and small utility vehicles. Spreaders are divided into two groups – solid agent spreaders and spreaders for liquid spreading.

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Snow ploughs

RASCO’s range of professional snow ploughs includes ploughs for all types of vehicles, ranging from trucks and multi-purpose vehicles to tractors, construction machines and small utility vehicles. The construction of ploughs is adjusted to different kinds of surfaces to be cleared and to the height of snow.

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Crane mowers

RASCO product program of professional crane mowers includes mowers for all types of tractors, multi-purpose and small utility vehicles. The construction of hydraulic crane arms is adjusted to different reach lengths, and the working tools and attachments are adjusted to the type of vegetation and the function they are performing.

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A full motorway winter service solution by RASCO

The chassis in question are Mercedes-Benz Arocs model 3342. Some of the key specifications include a 421 HP engine, 6x4 drivetrain, 3900 mm...

RASCO on annual job fair 2017

For RASCO, this event was a chance for presentation of the company to everyone interested, and for exchange of experiences with other...

Gallery: presentation of wet and liquid spreading technologies

Large part of the day was dedicated to live demonstrations of RASCO's wet and liquid spreading devices in action. Apart from outdoor...

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Welcome to new RASCO corporate website

Website was developed with quality and user experience in the first place. We wanted to make browsing through the website as simple as...

New distributor in Denmark: Sivertsen A/S

RASCO’s products became available to the Danish customers through the Sivertsen A/S, new exclusive distributor for the RASCO...

RASCO machines available in Canada!

Through this partnership RASCO set a strong foothold on the North American continent, prerequisite for the seamless distribution and...

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