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Join our team

Behind each of our successes is a strong, knowledgeable, and creative team of 400 employees across two manufacturing locations

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Employee satisfaction comes first, and we achieve it by emphasising the role employees play in every success of the company, investing in steady and additional income, investing in supplementary education and training, and focusing on uncompromising care for health and safety. All our employees work in modern factory and office facilities, using cutting-edge tools. Doing business with foreign markets offers RASCO employees a dynamic international environment and provides opportunities for travel, new acquaintances, and learning foreign languages through a network of partners across Europe.

About 30% of our employees have a degree in higher education – engineers and financial, economic, and legal experts, while over 80% of our total employees have technical education and experience.

We are proud of our youth. Almost 65% of employees are under 35 years of age. They are a guarantee of the sustainability of our business for years to come. The synergy of the young workforce and experienced mentors, the latest technology and mechanical precision, dedication to projects down to the smallest detail, dedication to work and teamwork are a testament to the quality and safety of every RASCO machine.

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