Join our team

Join our team

Behind every RASCO machine stands the knowledge and skill of a strong and dedicated team. Our people instil passion, knowledge and experience in their ideas that breathe life into our product to provide a vision of the company.

Motivation by everyday business challenges and employees union in an effort to permanently fulfill all of the company’s goals, needs and expectations of buyers, business partners and broader social community, which enables innovations and provides a superior quality level of products and services.

We are proud to have more than 30% of our employees hold high-level degrees in engineering, economy, finance, marketing and law. More than 80% of our people have a technical education and background.

We are also proud of our youth. As almost 65% of our workforce is under 35 years of age and they are a guarantee of sustainability of our business.

Synergy of youth and experience, latest technologies and mechanical precision, dedication and commitment to projects, attention to finest details and team work are what makes our products stand out in the world of options our customer have to choose from. These qualities are embedded into every action we take, into every machine we design and produce and into every support call we respond to.

Business with foreign markets offers employees a dynamic international environment, provides an opportunity for travel, new acquaintances, learning languages through a network of partners throughout Europe.

In order to meet the challenges we continuously face, we are continuously investing in additional education of all our people. Very important for us is their satisfaction which we achieve by emphasizing the importance of their contribution and role in enterprise and by concerning about their health and safety.


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