Front boom mower for small municipal vehicles

The KKM front boom mower with a reach of up to 4 meters is intended for the maintenance of vegetation along roads. Due to its smaller dimensions and mounting on small municipal vehicles, it is ideal for urban and rural areas, as well as for hard-to-reach areas outside cities.

KKM consists of a front frame with slide rails, intended for holding the main mower support. Two hydraulically operated arms are mounted on the support. A mowing head is placed at the top end of the upper hydraulic arm. Mowing side can be changed from right to left, by simple rotation of the boom arms and the working head. It can be equipped with a mowing head which is used to mow smaller types of vegetation. Apart from a a mowing head, hedge trimmers can also be mounted on the mower.


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Main characteristics


Efficient work in all conditions

KKM is equipped with a mowing head, used to mow smaller types of vegetation.The mower’s rotor has a spiral blade arrangement, which thoroughly mows and shreds the vegetation, with minimal energy consumption.

Apart from a a mowing head, hedge trimmers can also be mounted on the mower

Crane arm control

The control of the crane mower is enabled through an advanced control unit located inside the vehicle cabin. It consists of a joystickfor crane arms and working tools operation, and a color display with working commands for mower relief, floating position, andadditional functions. <br /> <br /> Depending on the terrain which is being maintained, and userpreferences, there are two control systems available:


Selective proportional control enables simple control of the mower crane arm and the attached working tool on more demanding terrains. The control is performed through the use of a joystick, which controls the operating head and the movement of individual cylinders of mower crane arms.


Fully proportional control is intended for working on difficult terrains, full of obstacles, where continuous manoeuvering with crane arms is required. Control with the use of joystick allows quick changes of the crane arm position, through the movement of several cylinders in one joystick movement.



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